Published On: 19 March 2024

By Allison Naidoo

On February 26th, THINK South Africa collaborated with the National Bioproducts Institute (NBI) for an awareness drive during the NBI Wellness Walkabout, highlighting our shared mission for a healthier future.

In the heart of Paradise Valley, the NBI stands as a beacon of hope for South African patients. For more than three decades, NBI has been a cornerstone in the production of essential plasma-derived products, marking a significant journey towards improved health.

In the TEAMWORK Meeting Room, service providers shared healthcare insights as attendees moved with purpose, representing a commitment to better health. The event’s slogan, “Take A STEP in the right direction…”, echoed the dedication of participants who embraced more than physical movement; it symbolised a pledge.

The collaboration between NBI and THINK South Africa underscores our collective commitment to raising awareness and driving positive change in healthcare. Together, we are making strides towards a brighter and healthier future for all.