Stakeholder Relations and Community Engagement has proven to be a crucial platform for THINK to emphasise its dedication to openness, transparency, and good governance, as well as its mission to improve lives.

THINK interacts with internal and external stakeholders to address critical operational and strategic issues. We ensure that our stakeholder engagement methods actively support the organisation’s strategy and various projects, improving risk management, fostering reputation, and creating a lasting commercial value. THINK often interacts with various government, community, and business entities to raise awareness of stakeholder involvement.

Consultative engagement with communities and stakeholders supports continuous awareness of THINK’s work and enables a proactive approach to challenges and opportunities

THINK is represented in multiple forums, including the South African National AIDS Council, the Provincial Councils on AIDS, the District AIDS Councils, and Local AIDS councils.

The Stakeholder and Community Engagement unit assists in implementing the USAID TB LON-SAFT community engagement activities, the AIDS Foundation South Africa (AFSA) Global Fund Advocacy Project, the STOP AIDS Civil Society Challenge and TB Alliance SimpliciTB.