Training support is offered to THINKers and relevant stakeholders across all projects, particularly within the USAID TB LON-SAFT programme. Frontline healthcare workers, clinical and data managers and district coordinators are offered training through the programme. Clinical content is based on national and international guidelines and policies, as well as the key priorities of the national TB programme, and data modules centred around the routine electronic health surveillance systems. Other facility-level support focuses on mentorship and training of Department of Health staff by THINK professional nurse mentors (PNMs) and through technical advice.

A combination of virtual and facility-based training platforms is used to deliver training. Training achievements within the programme include the delivery of decentralised training across all supported districts, use of the LF-LAM assay and integration of TB and COVID-19 screening.

In addition to this training, THINK also shares information with traditional healers in supported district. Traditional healers are often consulted by communities due to their accessibility, acceptability and availability, particularly in rural areas. It is therefore critical to include this group of health practitioners in training forecasting.