Our vision is to make a difference in people's lives by improving public health through partnerships and collaborations worldwide.

THINK International was founded in December 2021 to improve public health and the quality of life for vulnerable populations worldwide. THINK International builds on the legacy of impactful work conducted by THINK in South Africa and aims to expand this work regionally and internationally.

THINK has already made a worldwide contribution by developing improved treatment regimens and informing WHO to revise international guidelines. In South Africa, THINK has improved health care systems for TB and HIV and is actively delivering direct health care service, training and technical assistance.

While THINK does not claim to ‘save the world’ on its own, it has experience and practices that have proven resilient over a decade of work through a pandemic, natural catastrophe, and other operating challenges and still delivered to funders’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

Through THINK International, the experience of building a trustworthy and competent organisation with the capacity to move from research to policy making and effective programme implementation will be shared and enhanced in collaboration with other organisations and partners.

THINK International is the vehicle to take the legacy of THINK to higher levels by expanding into the international arena through a network of partnerships and increased opportunities for collaboration and funding.