Published On: 30 May 2024

In this Q&A session we find out more about Dr Mosidi and her role in the USAID Accelerate 2 project.

Q: Please tell us briefly what this big, exciting project entails.
A: ACCELERATE 2 embodies a beacon of hope and vitality for those it serves. While its primary focus lies in TB control, the project extends its reach to fortifying the systems and processes within our healthcare sector, particularly in enhancing access to care. The profound impact of these endeavours will resonate across various health programmes. It’s not merely about identifying and treating TB cases; it’s about catalysing a transformation in our approach to healthcare. Through the integration of novel innovations, elevation of care standards, and empowerment of individuals and communities, we’re not just addressing tuberculosis; we’re revolutionising our health landscape, fostering autonomy, and fostering proactive health management at the grassroots level.

Q: What is the main objective/purpose of Accelerate 2?
A: In districts where TB cases are less prevalent, it’s crucial to ramp up efforts in bolstering both community-based and facility-level interventions to drive towards TB elimination. Accelerate 2 is dedicated to strengthening community-driven initiatives aimed at efficiently identifying, diagnosing, and treating TB patients. Moreover, it aims to expand the implementation of essential interventions in facilities grappling with high TB caseloads within districts experiencing lower TB burdens.

Q: What is your role within Accelerate 2, and what do you personally hope to achieve?
A: I am the TB Technical Lead. I want to bring my skills and experience to the table and really make a difference in people’s lives. Secondly, I’m excited about the opportunity to learn and grow, expanding my expertise in the management of tuberculosis and health systems strengthening. And of course, I’m all in for making a positive impact through creative problem-solving and working closely with my team mates.

Q: What are your deliverables, and what impact to you hope to showcase?
A: I have a long list of deliverables to get through, but my most important deliverable is to make people aware of the fact that TB is curable and that we can prevent it. We are fortunate to live in country that has made so many investments with the latest TB tests and medications available, and they can be accessed free of charge in our country’s clinics and hospitals. Everyone should know that TB is not a death sentence and that it can be beaten.

Q: What are you excited about? What do you think could be challenging?
I’m thrilled about the upcoming innovations we’ll be piloting, particularly exploring the testing of TB using stool samples for children. Operating in rural and hard-to-reach communities presents its challenges, but we’re eager to leverage technology to bridge that gap. Our approach will involve close collaboration with community members and leaders to tailor interventions that align with their unique circumstances.

Q: How will THINK’s values be adhered to and shine through during Accelerate 2?
Each one of the actives in Accelerate 2 echoes THINK’s values. Accelerate 2 is about caring for people and outcomes, Accelerate 2 is about making a difference in people’s lives. Accelerate 2 is about thinking differently and kicking the paradigm. Accelerate 2 is THINK in action!