Published On: 27 June 2024

The fabulous Mighty Ally 40-Day Brand Bootcamp is complete, and we are so ready to implement new communication and marketing strategies!

Effective communication often falls by the wayside in non-profit organisations, where resources are focused on core missions such as groundbreaking research. At THINK we have recognised the crucial role of communication in amplifying our impact. To this end, we embarked on the Mighty Ally 40-Day Brand Bootcamp in November 2023.

We are thrilled to announce the completion of this transformative process! Under the leadership of Michaela Higgins Sørensen, our Communications Officer in the Copenhagen office, and in collaboration with our communications team and leadership, we have emerged with a clear and unified brand identity.

“We have enjoyed this process as a team, as Mighty Ally has made us strip down everything we do to our very core, forcing us to clarify and distil everything we do to what truly matters,” says Michaela. “Now, we know who we are and what we want.”

Our Commitment and Vision

At THINK Network, we believe health is a human right. In Africa, 48% of people lack access to quality healthcare, perpetuating a cycle of poor health and economic hardship. Our mission is to break this cycle by addressing health inequality, in line with Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 10. We are a locally-led global network of NGOs reducing health inequality through collaboration and local expertise. Our work cuts across research, health system strengthening, and capacity development, leveraging technology and innovation, including AI, to maximise impact.

Our vision is bold: a world where health inequality no longer determines the quality of life. By 2040, zero people should die from a curable disease. We’re committed to making a difference by creating a future where everyone has access to the quality healthcare they need to thrive because health is a human right.

The Importance of Communication

Effective communication is vital for connecting our groundbreaking work with the broader community and stakeholders. Mighty Ally’s core teaching, “Communications = Funding,” underscores the importance of clear and strategic messaging. By enhancing our communication efforts, we aim to attract the right partners and funders who share our vision.

Moving Forward

With our brand and communication strategies clearly defined, we are ready to implement the insights gained from the Mighty Ally Bootcamp. We are committed to leveraging communication as a catalyst for positive change, addressing health inequalities, and advancing our mission. With renewed clarity and purpose, THINK is poised to ensure our work continues to thrive and reach those who need it most.