Published On: 27 June 2024

Let’s learn a bit more about our two new summer interns at the THINK Denmark office!

Hi! My name is Mikkel Schlosser, and I’m excited to be working as the new HR intern at THINK for the summer!

I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in International Business in Asia, and a Master’s in Diversity & Change Management, both from CBS. 

I’ve been to Japan numerous times and have spent about a year there in total, travelling and studying. If you ever plan on going, feel free to reach out for tips and recommendations!

Previously, I’ve worked in HR at Mikkeller (good beer, good food – what’s not to love?) and at MedX, where I helped strengthen public healthcare in Denmark. 

With an adventurous and outdoorsy spirit, I love hiking, canoeing and the like.
I am a big time foodie too – when it comes to both eating and cooking.

Currently planning a trip to the US west coast in autumn – let me know if you have any tips on things to do… I look forward to meeting you all!


Hi, I’m Roxana Lostun, the new Project Assistant intern for THINK in Copenhagen!  

I started my academic journey in law, but later graduated with an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Zealand Academy.  

For the past 7-8 years, I’ve been deeply involved in the NGO sector, volunteering in various roles from sales to HR, all within international settings.  

I’ve also worked as a teaching assistant at the British Council, and am currently a chef in Denmark –  with experience in several high-end kitchens. 

My main hobbies include being a mother, foraging, long nature walks, and enjoying good books or podcasts. 

I love engaging in stimulating conversations, empowering people, and exchanging interesting ideas… Sending kind thoughts to all!