Clinical Trials

Why are patient samples sometimes taken out of South Africa for analysis?

We perform as much of our research as possible in South Africa, employing local staff and using local laboratories. However, to ensure that trial results worldwide are standardised and to allow access to the most modern and innovative technology, sometimes research samples are sent outside the country. This is always made very clear to our trial participants.

Why are we involved in international trials?

Many of our trials are headed by international groups working for the improvement of global healthcare through research. Trials that operate in numerous countries allow a unique insight into how new treatment regimens work in different groups of patients worldwide, and ensure that regimens are applicable to people with differing genetics and various concurrent illnesses. Including South African patients in these trials ensures that changes in treatment regimens from global health leaders such as the WHO are applied to all patients worldwide, from the global population right down to the local communities we serve.

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