Published On: 25 April 2024

The recent and very successful Finance Induction, at the THINK HQ in Hillcrest, was an opportunity for new THINKers from various districts to meet with the rest of their colleagues. The purpose of the induction was to explain THINK’s processes, policies, and systems, and to make the recruits feel part of the team and left with a feeling of knowing that they can reach out at any time.

“We have recruited a good contingent, and I’m looking forward to the team working towards THINK’s goals by leveraging THINK’s values,” said our Head of Finance & Operations, Kirsty Woolley.

Positive feedback was received from Finance Team participants.

“I am excited to share my experience from our finance workshop and induction. The week has not only been full of insightful discussions and learning opportunities, but also blessed with consistently beautiful KZN weather that has lifted our spirits,” said Ronewa Gegana. “Thank you to our gracious host, our Head of Finance, for orchestrating this productive event! We had the chance to explore the Marwick offices, where the Operations and IT departments thrive, alongside the Clinical Trial Unit downstairs at HQ.  Most importantly, witnessing the dedication of our core finance staff members based here has reinforced my belief in our collective ability to make a difference further. I am inspired by the collaboration and determination I witnessed among our teams, and I am returning these values to our offices in Limpopo.”

Madimetja Godfrey Chokoe also shared her positive feedback. “The Finance Induction was incredibly informative and beneficial to me. It provided a comprehensive overview of our financial processes, policies, and systems, equipping me with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in my role. The interactive sessions and hands-on activities facilitated a deeper understanding of key concepts, allowing me to apply them effectively in my day-to-day tasks. Overall, it was a valuable experience that will greatly contribute to my career development,” she said.