Published On: 31 August 2023

We’re thrilled to bring you the latest happenings at our new home in Copenhagen!

We’re now sharing an open office space with our partners at Dalberg Media. A leading social impact advisory group that brings together strategy consulting, design thinking, big data analytics, research, and implementation to address complex social and environmental challenges, Dalberg is a dynamic organisation you should definitely get to know.

In our lively co-working environment, we’re surrounded by about 30 brilliant minds, mainly from Dalberg. But that’s not all! We’re also sharing the space with Nordic Safe Cities, an NGO committed to fostering inclusive and safe urban spaces across the Nordics. Another cohabitant is UN Live, an organisation that amplifies the United Nations’ strategic goals through a borderless museum.

Moving on to the innovation corner; we’re diving headfirst into the Metaverse – a virtual reality space where users can interact with each other and the environment. Partnering with Virtuall and Dalberg, we’re developing a project aimed at mental health and sexual well-being. The Metaverse gives us a unique platform to meet people where they are, engage in important and stigmatised topics in a safe space, and improve health and wellness. It’s a borderless world for borderless problems, and we’re currently seeking funding to initiate a pilot as our proof of concept.

Last but certainly not least, keep an eye out for our latest collaboration with Virtuall – virtual wings! These wings can be seen through a special lense when you’re wearing a THINK hoodie with a QR code. Trust us; you’ll want to be part of this.

So, whether it’s our new co-working habitat, our ventures into virtual realms, or the cool swag we’re developing, it’s an exciting time at THINK International. Stay tuned!

Our new office address is Nørrebrogade 45C, Copenhagen. This office is shared with Dalberg Media, UN Live and Safe Citifies. Read more about these dynamic organisations by clicking on the links below!

Dalberg Media
UN Live
Nordic Safe Cities