Published On: 13 October 2014

In June, 15 post graduate students from Harvard Medical School missed a flight from the US to attend a course in Translational Medicine hosted by THINK in South Africa. Last minute travel re-arrangements and reshuffling of the week-long course programme enabled the students to still be the first to inaugurate the new THINK Board Room at Florida road in Durban.

The course aimed to identify Unmet Medical Needs and Translational Solutions to engage future biomedical research leaders in the practice of translational medicine. The students were exposed to various health care settings and community events to come face to face with unmet medical needs in the combat of TB and HIV. These excursions were followed by discussions at THINK on the discovery process that uncovers the complexity of disease, and examining the practice of effective detection, diagnosis, and treatment development.

Inspired students and THINK staff took farewell at the green gate and hope to take the next step forward to make a difference.