Published On: 6 September 2022

6 Sep 2022

By Anita Jacobs, pharmacist at THINK

I became a pharmacist as I was very interested in caring for human health. The ability to understand health at a much deeper level, translating it to my patients and then witnessing them healthier and recovered drives my passion.

Pharmacy is a well-rounded career which involves not only patient care but can incorporate science, innovation, research, technology as well as business. I am grateful to have been able to experience all of these multi facets throughout my career and I am still learning! In all aspects however, there is nothing more rewarding and humbling than seeing a patient at `deaths door` recover fully and know that you were part of the multidisciplinary team that made it happen.

Being a pharmacist has also come with its own set of challenges. As an essential worker and at the forefront of patient care, you make a plan to show up to work even when strikes, violent protests and riots force others to take refuge. Covid-19 has also made a huge impact on the healthcare profession. I have lost friends and colleagues to this pandemic who risked their lives to save others. They are the unsung heroes and I salute them for epitomising what we, as pharmacists, are called to do and that is to serve.

Working for THINK is an absolute blessing. Their ethos truly resonates with mine. I believe that passion, care, making a difference and improving patient outcomes is the key to any successful and meaningful pharmacy career.