Published On: 3 April 2024

In an ongoing effort to lessen and eliminate tuberculosis (TB) burden in South Africa, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded THINK (TB and HIV Investigative Network) funding to roll out the Tuberculosis Elimination and Program Resilience Activity (Accelerate 2), which will run until 2028. ACCELERATE is the flagship USAID/SA TB project, and USAID is the project donor that provides essential funding and support for the execution and scaling of TB control initiatives.

THINK Accelerate 2 Project is a cutting-edge initiative focused on accelerating tuberculosis elimination and enhancing the resilience of health programs in targeted provinces. The project aims to implement innovative strategies and leverage technology to improve TB control and prevention efforts. Further, this groundbreaking initiative is designed to tackle the challenges of tuberculosis (TB) in South Africa, focusing on the provinces of Free State, Limpopo, Western Cape, and Mpumalanga. The project is rooted in a comprehensive approach integrating cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and robust healthcare strategies to enhance TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention efforts. By leveraging the strengths of local communities and the support of global partners, THINK Accelerate 2 aims to reduce the TB burden significantly and improve the overall health outcomes in the targeted regions.

Speaking at the World TB Day national event on 24 March, Deputy USAID Mission Director, Mr. Troy Tillis, stated,

We want to emphasise the commitment of the US government to support South Africa in ending TB. It is imperative for all stakeholders to work together with one goal in mind: to end TB.

THINK CEO, Mr Trevor Mvundura, reiterated that this opportunity aligns with the goals of working with the community and other various stakeholders to find solutions in the fight against TB. THINK will continue to strive to be part of the solutions through various strategic partnerships.

Key stakeholders include the Maternal Adolescent and Child Health Institute (MatCH) which is a sub-partner to THINK, MatCH is a crucial implementing partner, bringing expertise in TB/HIV to the project, especially in expanding efforts to Mpumalanga and the Western Cape, Department of Health (DoH): At both national and provincial levels, the DoH is a critical stakeholder in aligning the project with existing health policies and strategies by ensuring  support. Other Stakeholders: Including but not limited to the Office of the Premier, Civil Society, Provincial and District AIDS Councils, TB patients, and their families, who are both beneficiaries and vital contributors to the project’s success.

Chief of Party for THINK, Ms Tasha Govender alluded:

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with USAID for the Accelerate 2 project, marking a transformative journey in combating tuberculosis and fostering healthier communities. THINK Accelerate 2 Project pioneers innovative strategies to accelerate TB elimination and enhance health program resilience in targeted provinces. With the support of our partners and stakeholders, our aim is to significantly reduce the TB burden and improve health outcomes in South Africa, bringing us closer to our shared goal of ending TB.