Published On: 9 February 2023

Feb. 07, 2023 – THINK, with the support of Virtuall, has launched their our very first limited edition NFT (non-fungible token) wearable and ventured into Metaverse where crypto fundraising and virtual engagement with donors is rapidly becoming the norm.

The launch of the NFT will enable THINK to adapt to a fast-changing fundraising environment where it is essential to be able to accept crypto donations and engage with a new generation of philanthropists through the Metaverse. Dr Kristina Wallengren, Founder and Group CEO of THINK, points out that: “Since 2013, THINK has reached more than half a million people with our research and health systems strengthening programmes. This new fundraising project will allow our global supporters to help extend our work and impact to do even better for the most vulnerable.”

The THINK NFT project is also a ‘first’ for Virtuall who traditionally works with the business sector and large fashion brands. The Co-Founder and COO for Virtuall, Felix Wigand, shared that: “Virtuall is excited to support and enable THINK to launch their very first NFT fundraising project. We hope that this project in Metaverse will bring together communities of people that care about global public health and who might otherwise not have connected”.

THINK’s first NFT is a digital hoodie that proudly features the colors of THINK and patterns often associated with southern Africa. We hope that this will be the first of several collectible NFTs available in Metaverse. Funds raised will directly be used to support our work to improve public health in South Africa and beyond.

THINK’s NFT wearable can be purchased on “Decentraland”. Decentraland is an online platform that seeks to incentivize a global network of users to operate a shared virtual world. Users can buy and sell digital items while exploring, interacting, and playing games within this virtual world.

A Decentraland ‘Avatar’ is a customizable character representing you inside the virtual world. Essentially, owning an Avatar is like registering a username/account on any given website. Ownership of each registered Avatar username is represented by an NFT and recorded on the blockchain.

For more information about THINK in the Metaverse, visit



THINK was founded in 2013 to improve public health and quality of life for the most vulnerable. The aim for the coming years is to build on the impactful work being done by THINK and to expand this work regionally and internationally.


Virtuall, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, supports organizations to design and distribute their virtual products to online channels. Virtuall’s platform converts designs into digital solutions compatible with games, 3D channels and the Metaverse.

Contact: Sara Khan – Operations Manager, THINK International