Published On: 31 August 2023

We all know and love the wonderful THINK culture – a vital part of every THINKers well-being and motivation to make a difference daily. Although most of us have individual takes on how we define this unique culture, at the end of the day it all boils down to aligning with our core values. Let’s hear what our inspiring leader, Trevor Mvundura, has to say in this fun Q&A session!

Q: What defines the THINK culture?
A: When asked about THINK’s culture, I’d say it’s anchored in our core values. Our team’s passion for the work we do is palpable. At THINK, it’s not about the titles one holds; it’s about recognising and valuing each and every individual. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and first and foremost as a human being. At THINK we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our team looks forward to coming in every day, where every voice is heard, and where there’s freedom coupled with responsibility. Trust is foundational to our culture; it facilitates teamwork and mutual respect for varied opinions. We’re committed to bringing in individuals who resonate with, uphold, and safeguard our culture – especially given our agile environment. In essence, THINK’s culture is about values, mutual respect, empowerment, trust, self-management, and ensuring the well-being of every THINker.

Q: What sets the THINK culture apart from other large organisation work environments?
A: Our primary focus is on the well-being of our people. Here, creativity and innovation aren’t just encouraged, they’re integral. Our leadership style prioritises individuals, fostering a setting where micromanagement is obsolete because each person owns their responsibilities. We celebrate even the smallest achievements, united by a shared passion to make a difference. Our agile setup constantly pushes us to challenge the status quo, ensuring we’re both efficient and dedicated. Personal and career growth go hand-in-hand here. At THINK, we value authenticity; there’s no need to put on a facade. We recognise that everyone has a life outside of work, and we make sure both aspects are balanced. Family and personal time aren’t just acknowledged, they’re revered – because we understand the importance of living a full life.

Q: What are the top values of someone invested in the THINK culture?
A: We are all about caring for people and the outcome of our work, as well as being passionate about making a difference and kicking the paradigm. Professionally, all THINKers value integrity, honesty, and passion.

Q: What’s your advice for a brand new THINKer, in terms of understanding and adapting to the THINK culture and way of working?
A: For new THINKers, my top advice is to observe and learn from seasoned THINKers. Our culture and workflow might differ from what you’re used to. Engage in conversations, ask colleagues why they love working here. Embrace our environment, take advantage of our platform for creativity, integrate with the team, and never hesitate to challenge the status quo.

Q: What kind of personalities do well at THINK?
A: At THINK, diverse personalities thrive — from visionaries and creatives, to rule-makers, cheerleaders, and detail-oriented individuals. This blend ensures robust ideas are analysed from all angles. Success here hinges on aligning your values and passion with our culture.

Q: What is THINK’s management style, process of giving feedback, and investment in personal and professional development?
A: THINK adopts a situational leadership style rooted in our values. We recognise that leadership needs vary, based on the situation at hand. Communication is pivotal here. We practice the ‘Advice Process’, where decisions are informed by the insights of those affected. However, the final decision remains with the primary decision-maker. We champion self-management, empowering individuals to make decisions about their work while ensuring they consult relevant parties. While resources may sometimes be limited, we prioritise identifying and nurturing potential leaders through coaching and mentoring, underscoring our commitment to the growth of every THINKer.

Q: Trevor, what does a work-life balance mean to you?
A: For me, a work-life balance isn’t a strict 50-50 split. It’s about fully engaging in whatever I’m doing, whether it’s work or home life. While I ensure I’m present and committed to my tasks, home life always remains a top priority.