Published On: 24 August 2022
“Interning at THINK was an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in a South African NGO and learn about the research. Everyone here is passionate about their work, whether it be medical research or finance, and truly are an inspiration. From an outside perspective, the people at THINK are ambitious, hard-working, and want to make a real difference in South African healthcare. Investigating the TB trials has been very interesting, from the scientific aspect to the ethics behind them.

Mzo Elvis Zuma, a nurse at the clinic, drove me to a hospital in Durban and showed me the Durban beach. He told me about South African culture, the languages, and the habits which was a great way to get to know the country more. One of the many things I take from this experience is the motivation and drive in this multi-cultural working environment where everyone has the same goal: helping people fight TB.”

– Charlotte Baron (Studying from the UK currently doing her International Internship with THINK)