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Engaging and Educating the Community: World TB Day awareness

Compiled by Shrivani Padayachee and Suraksha Chirunt THINKers from the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) in Hillcrest, South Africa, have been visiting and building relationships with Department of Health facilities as part of the TB ALLIANCE NC-009 trial-related activities. The team was therefore invited to attend two World TB Day events in March, where they were given the opportunity to speak about clinical research and the NC009 trial – as the site is actively recruiting participants with drug-sensitive TB from the community. The first team of THINKers attended an event at Wyebank clinic on March 25. Clinic patients appreciated the informative presentations [...]

A Crucial Step for the TB Alliance NC-009 Study

By Gcina Nhleko THINK’s Strategic Partnerships and Community Health Systems Strengthening department recently convened a meeting attended by members representing the leadership of various community groups – Traditional, Religious, Civil Society – and the Department of Health. The meeting's purpose was to harness community relations and to give a broader outline of the TB Alliance NC-OO9 study and trials imperatives THINK is currently conducting. NC-009 is a pan-Phase 2 clinical trial incorporating Phase 2a, b, and c elements. NC-009 aims to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a combination of TBAJ-876, pretomanid, and linezolid for its potential to shorten and [...]

Reflections: World TB Day Event in Denmark

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, observed annually on March 24th, holds significant importance in the global health calendar, serving as a vital opportunity to raise public awareness about tuberculosis, a potentially deadly infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs. At the “Unpacking Tuberculosis: A Global Issue” event, THINK Denmark brought together influential voices to discuss tackling TB and its cross-cutting issues. Our esteemed panel, featuring experts Rikke Nagell from AIDS-Foundation, Dr. Troels Lillebæk from University of Copenhagen and Statens Serum Institute (SSI), and Michael Aastrup Jensen from Folketinget, shed light on the urgent need for collaborative global action. Today, the significance of [...]

Finance Induction a Resounding Success

The recent and very successful Finance Induction, at the THINK HQ in Hillcrest, was an opportunity for new THINKers from various districts to meet with the rest of their colleagues. The purpose of the induction was to explain THINK’s processes, policies, and systems, and to make the recruits feel part of the team – and left with a feeling of knowing that they can reach out at any time. “We have recruited a good contingent, and I’m looking forward to the team working towards THINK’s goals by leveraging THINK’s values,” said our Head of Finance & Operations, Kirsty Woolley. Positive feedback [...]

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