Unpacking Menstrual Health

We recently had a fantastic webinar about menstrual hygiene, hosted by our very own Camilla Lund, and wow, did it spark some eye-opening conversations! Let's hear what Camilla has to say... We really got into the nitty-gritty of what happens during our cycles and how it can throw us for a loop, both physically and mentally, but also how we can harness these loops for our benefits! Here's the lowdown on what we learned and what really resonated with us: Syncing Work With Your Cycle Did you know that each of the 4 stages of our menstrual cycle makes us more [...]

Diaries of a THINK Intern

Making a Difference Through Ethical Communications At university, for years, I had been learning the importance of using communication to make an ethically driven impact. However, it is one thing to read and learn about this, in comparison to actually doing it. At THINK, in the span of weeks of starting my internship, I learned the reality of it. From the get-go, I had been taught the real-life possibilities and responsibilities of communication. As a German student who studied International Communication Management in The Netherlands and South Korea, I was excited about the opportunity to learn about a new culture - [...]

A Collage of Community Impact

In the last quarter, THINK South Africa showcased their steadfast commitment to community health and empowerment through strategic partnerships and impactful interventions, paving the way for transformative changes in public health. These initiatives were part of a broader series of events held across the country. Mpola Clinic TB Awareness Event: April 7At Mpola Clinic in the eThekwini District, THINK hosted a TB awareness event focusing on research participation. Nearly 100 community members engaged with topics – including HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and youth-friendly health services. Formation of TB Alliance NC009 Community Advisory Board: April 19In Hillcrest, Durban, THINK established a Community Advisory Board [...]

Innovative TB Detection and Care

THINK South Africa, generously supported by USAID, played a pivotal role at the 8th South African TB Conference held from June 4-7 in Durban. Themed "Accelerating Progress to End TB," the conference convened global experts to address the urgent challenge of combating TB, which affects millions in South Africa. Our goals at the conference were clear: to illuminate innovative solutions, share best practices, and forge collaborations with global experts. Our mission aligns with the World Health Organisation's End TB Strategy by 2025, and South Africa's National Development Plan (NDP) goal of significantly reducing the TB burden by 2030.Innovative TB Detection and CareDr [...]

Brand Bootcamp Done & Dusted

The fabulous Mighty Ally 40-Day Brand Bootcamp is complete, and we are so ready to implement new communication and marketing strategies!Effective communication often falls by the wayside in non-profit organisations, where resources are focused on core missions such as groundbreaking research. At THINK we have recognised the crucial role of communication in amplifying our impact. To this end, we embarked on the Mighty Ally 40-Day Brand Bootcamp in November 2023.We are thrilled to announce the completion of this transformative process! Under the leadership of Michaela Higgins Sørensen, our Communications Officer in the Copenhagen office, and in collaboration with our communications team [...]

Knowledge is Power

THINK Ambition Statement Elucidated THINK and Deloitte have joined forces to accelerate progress and implement forward-thinking strategies through the decision optimiser process. This process will enhance resilience and readiness for the future in all THINK initiatives. This exciting partnership will boost THINK's efficiencies by optimising decision-making processes and maintaining a leading edge in the NGO sector. THINK's Ambition "Our ambition is to create a future where no life is cut short by curable diseases by the year 2040. We firmly believe that health is a fundamental human right, not a privilege determined by socio-economic status. Driven by a vision where [...]

Thank You, Fellow THINKers

Meet our beautiful Ziningi Ntsele, who honours THINK values daily and appreciates, respects and cares for her colleagues. Hi everyone, my name is Ningi! When I came to join THINK at Hilton in 2019, I was so excited to become part of this organisation. My new colleagues, especially Ayanda Magoso and Deborah Nzama, really made me feel at home from day one. It was so wonderful to be part of the team, and although we were still only a few back then, the team very quickly grew bigger – and we are still upholding the values of our organisation today.  I [...]

Copenhagen’s Summer Interns

Let’s learn a bit more about our two new summer interns at the THINK Denmark office! Hi! My name is Mikkel Schlosser, and I'm excited to be working as the new HR intern at THINK for the summer! I've got a Bachelor's degree in International Business in Asia, and a Master's in Diversity & Change Management, both from CBS.  I've been to Japan numerous times and have spent about a year there in total, travelling and studying. If you ever plan on going, feel free to reach out for tips and recommendations! Previously, I've worked in HR at Mikkeller (good beer, [...]

Let’s Ignite Self-Awareness!

Why is self-awareness so important in the workplace? Let's take a closer look! Self-awareness is the ability to recognise and understand your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It’s a key part of emotional intelligence, because knowing yourself and how you impact others will help you maintain strong relationships, build trust, and improve communication. According to the insightful blog, self-awareness is no longer just about individual well-being. There is a direct line between self-awareness and its impact in the workplace when it comes to productivity, job satisfaction and the organisation's bottom line. Because being mindful goes beyond self, it involves [...]

Upcoming TB Conference: Speakers

The 8th South African TB Conference is scheduled to take place from June 3-7 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Durban. This conference provides an essential forum for discussing tuberculosis (TB) control and related challenges. THINK will be represented by Masingita Lambane, who heads the Strategic Partnerships and Community Systems. Masingita will be present in various parallel discussions and cover the following topics: Unlocking Health Beyond TB: The Transformative Impact of Mobile Digital Chest X-ray Units as an entry in Initiating Holistic Diagnosis. Care and School-Based Contact Tracing: Addressing Tuberculosis (TB) in a community. Dr. Louisa Dunn, a technical [...]

Accelerate 2 TB Technical Lead: Dr Thato Mosidi

In this Q&A session we find out more about Dr Mosidi and her role in the USAID Accelerate 2 project. Q: Please tell us briefly what this big, exciting project entails. A: ACCELERATE 2 embodies a beacon of hope and vitality for those it serves. While its primary focus lies in TB control, the project extends its reach to fortifying the systems and processes within our healthcare sector, particularly in enhancing access to care. The profound impact of these endeavours will resonate across various health programmes. It's not merely about identifying and treating TB cases; it's about catalysing a transformation [...]

The Accelerate 2 Project Forges Ahead

The USAID-funded Accelerate 2 TB project team converged in Centurion recently, for their inaugural quarterly review meeting, to get an overview of the Accelerate 2 project – discussing the work plan, expectations, organogram, and the project’s technical approach. In attendance were THINKers from our National Office, the provinces of Free State and Limpopo, and the districts of Vhembe, Sekhukhune, Fezile Dabi, and Mangaung. The team convened to assess progress, strategise for enhanced efficiencies, prioritise tasks, and plan the next steps on agreed work plan activities. In the words of Dr Chipo Mutambo, Deputy Chief of Party; “The USAID Accelerate TB [...]

Successful SASUF Workshops

From coffee-fuelled conversations about AI advancing healthcare to networking and breaking barriers across north-south divides, the THINK x SASUF Satellite Events, held in Copenhagen, were a journey of insights and connections! THINK Network hosted two workshops, as part of the South Africa - Sweden University Forum (SASUF) Satellite Events 2024. The first workshop was about Sustainable Global Health Care and the Role of AI in Bridging North-South Divides, and the second one was on Exploring Community Engagement and Co-Design of Health Interventions from South Africa to Sweden. The workshops were facilitated by THINKers Kristina Wallengren and Suzanne Staples. During the [...]

Updates from the Hillcrest Clinical Trial Unit

ChiliPref SF Study Site Visit The Hillcrest Clinical Trial Unit (HCTU) conducted a site initiation visit for the ChilPref SF study with team members from the Desmond Tutu TB Centre. The visit occurred from April 24 to 26. This particular study is one of multiple studies within the BENEFIT Kids programme funded by @Unitaid, and it focuses on identifying the most palatable formulations for crucial medicines used for the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB). A "swish and spit" taste testing approach will be adopted in healthy volunteer children. Essentially, children will be asked to swirl the medication in their mouths [...]

Accelerate 2 Deputy Chief of Party: Dr Chipo Mutambo

In this Q&A session, we find out more about Dr Mutambo and her role in the USAID Accelerate 2 project. Q: Please tell us briefly what this big, exciting project entails. A: The Accelerate 2 project is an initiative funded by USAID aimed at supporting South Africa's mission to eliminate tuberculosis (TB) in 7 high burden districts. Through targeted interventions focused on early detection, appropriate treatment, and prevention, particularly among vulnerable populations, Accelerate 2 seeks to bolster TB control efforts in high-burden districts and provincial levels. By providing technical support, implementing innovative program models, and building the capacity of healthcare [...]

International Nurses Day 2024: Celebrating Our Nurses

By Michaela Higgins Sørensen and Aria Ziyuan Zhou In the spirit of International Nurses Day, it is crucial to reflect on the invaluable contributions of nurses to healthcare as well as their pivotal role in shaping the future of care. This year's theme, ‘Our Nurses. Our Future. The Economic Power of Care,’ highlights the significant impact that nurses have on the health and the economic stability of communities worldwide. To commemorate International Nurses Day 2024, we spoke to Thabisile Gumede, a dedicated Research Nurse at THINK's Clinical Trial Unit in Hillcrest, South Africa. Through this interview, we explore the journey and [...]

Engaging and Educating the Community: World TB Day awareness

Compiled by Shrivani Padayachee and Suraksha Chirunt THINKers from the Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) in Hillcrest, South Africa, have been visiting and building relationships with Department of Health facilities as part of the TB ALLIANCE NC-009 trial-related activities. The team was therefore invited to attend two World TB Day events in March, where they were given the opportunity to speak about clinical research and the NC009 trial – as the site is actively recruiting participants with drug-sensitive TB from the community. The first team of THINKers attended an event at Wyebank clinic on March 25. Clinic patients appreciated the informative presentations [...]

A Crucial Step for the TB Alliance NC-009 Study

By Gcina Nhleko THINK’s Strategic Partnerships and Community Health Systems Strengthening department recently convened a meeting attended by members representing the leadership of various community groups – Traditional, Religious, Civil Society – and the Department of Health. The meeting's purpose was to harness community relations and to give a broader outline of the TB Alliance NC-OO9 study and trials imperatives THINK is currently conducting. NC-009 is a pan-Phase 2 clinical trial incorporating Phase 2a, b, and c elements. NC-009 aims to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a combination of TBAJ-876, pretomanid, and linezolid for its potential to shorten and [...]

Reflections: World TB Day Event in Denmark

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, observed annually on March 24th, holds significant importance in the global health calendar, serving as a vital opportunity to raise public awareness about tuberculosis, a potentially deadly infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs. At the “Unpacking Tuberculosis: A Global Issue” event, THINK Denmark brought together influential voices to discuss tackling TB and its cross-cutting issues. Our esteemed panel, featuring experts Rikke Nagell from AIDS-Foundation, Dr. Troels Lillebæk from University of Copenhagen and Statens Serum Institute (SSI), and Michael Aastrup Jensen from Folketinget, shed light on the urgent need for collaborative global action. Today, the significance of [...]

Finance Induction a Resounding Success

The recent and very successful Finance Induction, at the THINK HQ in Hillcrest, was an opportunity for new THINKers from various districts to meet with the rest of their colleagues. The purpose of the induction was to explain THINK’s processes, policies, and systems, and to make the recruits feel part of the team – and left with a feeling of knowing that they can reach out at any time. “We have recruited a good contingent, and I’m looking forward to the team working towards THINK’s goals by leveraging THINK’s values,” said our Head of Finance & Operations, Kirsty Woolley. Positive feedback [...]

THINK: Tackling Public Health Issues

Source: THINK: Tackling Public Health Issues - Africa Outlook MagazineTACKLING PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUESAccording to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tuberculosis (TB) remains the leading cause of death amongst people living with HIV across the world, with the two illnesses being intrinsically linked and in need of vital support.It is from this critical need that THINK was established by Dr Kristina Wallengren as a non-profit company in 2013, with the founding purpose of making a difference to individuals affected by TB and HIV.Today, the organisation has broadened its scope to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable communities locally and globally.With its [...]

THINK Accelerate Tuberculosis Elimination and Program Resilience Launch

In an ongoing effort to lessen and eliminate tuberculosis (TB) burden in South Africa, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded THINK (TB and HIV Investigative Network) funding to roll out the Tuberculosis Elimination and Program Resilience Activity (Accelerate 2), which will run until 2028. ACCELERATE is the flagship USAID/SA TB project, and USAID is the project donor that provides essential funding and support for the execution and scaling of TB control initiatives.THINK Accelerate 2 Project is a cutting-edge initiative focused on accelerating tuberculosis elimination and enhancing the resilience of health programs in targeted provinces. The project aims to [...]

THINK South Africa CEO to partake in the United States: Mandela Washington Fellowship Programme – 2024

Mr Trevor Mvundura, Country CEO at THINK (Tuberculosis & HIV Investigative Network), clinched an illustrious opportunity when he was selected for The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. This incredibly inspiring program is part of the U.S. Government's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). The programme is designed to empower young leaders between their early 20s and mid-30s who have already demonstrated exceptional leadership potential within their communities, organisations, and countries. Since its inception in 2014, over 6,500 young leaders from every country in Sub-Saharan Africa have participated in this Fellowship. Trevor, also an accountant by profession, is at the helm [...]

Focus on Strategy, Culture and Values

  The recent THINK South Africa Roadshow got traction when Trevor Mvundura, our Country CEO, conducted a series of activities – kicking off at the Head Office in Hillcrest on March 1, and continuing throughout the country at the Mangaung office in Bloemfontein, the Fezile Dabi office in Sasolburg, the Centurion office between Pretoria and Midrand, the Vhembe office in Louis Trichardt, and finally the DOH office in Sekhukhune. In his opening remarks, Trevor welcomed all colleagues at THINK by reiterating that they are the most valuable resource for the longevity and sustainability of our organisation. He explained that this [...]

News from THINK South Africa’s Clinical Trial Unit

By Dr Munira Khan THINK South Africa's clinical trial unit in Hillcrest is excited to share updates on progress made for the TB ALLIANCE NC009 trial, as well as more info about the ChilPref Ext study The TB ALLIANCE NC009 trial is currently being conducted in five countries and aims to determine the safety of an investigational product in patients with bacteriologically confirmed drug-sensitive TB. One of the potential benefits of the trial is a shortened treatment period from 24 weeks to 15 weeks. The Hillcrest Clinical Trial Unit (HCTU) was approved to start screening for the study on December [...]

Tales of Growth, Impact and Commitment

Meet an inspiring THINKer who lives our values entirely and truthfully – both at work and at home Born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, love and kindness were the cornerstones of Noluthando Gwala’s upbringing, shaping the way she lives her life. Now, as a mother of two wonderful boys, she devotes much of her free time to exploring new recipes with them, watching movies, dancing to the latest TikTok trends, and reading – especially Bible stories. “My tenure at THINK has been truly remarkable, especially considering it's only been nine months. It already feels like I've been part of this family [...]

From Research to Results

By Michaela Higgins Sørensen In the world of non-profit organisations, allocating resources to communications is often left to the last slice of the budget cake. Understandably so, especially when funds are primarily directed towards specialised research, such as revolutionising tuberculosis treatment and changing WHO guidelines. However, at THINK, a research-driven NGO dedicated to healthcare advancement in Southern Africa, we recognise the evolving landscape and the need to elevate our communication efforts alongside our impact. Founded upon a commitment to research and innovation, THINK has significantly improved healthcare outcomes for over half a million individuals in South Africa. Yet, as we [...]

THINK Pioneers Harnessing AI in Healthcare

By Ziyuan Aria Zhou The Africa Health Conference, hosted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, serves as a platform for discussing and disseminating the transformative initiatives shaping the healthcare landscape across the African continent. Under the theme ‘Mapping Changemakers Transforming Health in Africa’ this year, the conference explored a range of critical themes that capture the complexities of Africa’s healthcare challenges and triumphs. It aimed to highlight the ground-breaking innovations and effective policies that have significantly improved health outcomes in various African communities. The conference was infused with a diverse group of actors – including healthcare professionals, policymakers, [...]

A Journey to Better Health

By Allison Naidoo On February 26th, THINK South Africa collaborated with the National Bioproducts Institute (NBI) for an awareness drive during the NBI Wellness Walkabout, highlighting our shared mission for a healthier future. In the heart of Paradise Valley, the NBI stands as a beacon of hope for South African patients. For more than three decades, NBI has been a cornerstone in the production of essential plasma-derived products, marking a significant journey towards improved health. In the TEAMWORK Meeting Room, service providers shared healthcare insights as attendees moved with purpose, representing a commitment to better health. The event's slogan, "Take A [...]

THINK Commemorates World Tuberculosis (TB) Day

World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, observed annually on March 24, serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness about the global TB epidemic and its profound health, social, and economic impacts. According to World Health Organisation (WHO) data, South Africa ranks among the top five countries worldwide with the highest burden of TB, with over 500 cases per 100,000 population. THINK South Africa, is a local non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing health and well-being for vulnerable communities, proudly stands in solidarity with the world in commemorating World TB Day. The theme for this year is 'Yes! You and I Can End TB,' [...]

THINK at the Forefront of World TB Day Commemorations

THINK, a health impact and research organisation are at the forefront of World TB Day initiatives to improve the quality of life for people affected by TB in South Africa and around the world. THINK is part of the ongoing planning meetings led by the office of the Premier in KwaZulu-Natal. World TB Day is a global commemoration held on 24th March of each year and is aimed at building public awareness.  It provides an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against TB and show support for people infected and affected by TB. Planning and implementation of the [...]

Welcome, young THINKers!

Let’s meet our new interns in Denmark, and our new students in South Africa! But first, we welcome Michaela – who after a 3-month internship is now onboard with us as THINK Denmark’s Communications Officer. Michaela Higgins Sørensen Communications Officer, Denmark Hi everyone! I'm Michaela, a 27-year-old Danish South African who grew up in Mozambique, but am currently based in Copenhagen. I completed my master’s degree in June 2021, at Aalborg University in Denmark, in Development and International Relations – with a specialisation in Global Gender Studies. For the past four years, I have been working in the gender, peace, [...]

Strengthening the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Ladies; prioritise your health! Empower yourself with knowledge and regular check-ups to ensure early detection Dr Susan Ford, research doctor at our Clinical Research Unit, has underscored the importance of women's health – a topic that deeply resonates with her. With women often serving as primary caregivers for family members, they sometimes overlook their own health. Susan stresses the value of women's health, particularly in routine checks to detect cancers such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. Breast cancer, apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, stands as the most prevalent cancer in women of all races, with a lifetime risk of [...]

Innovation and Empathy in Equal Measure

Get to know THINKer Fanelesibonge Msimango – and her wonderful interpretation of THINK culture and values! Fanele joined THINK in February this year as a Data Clerk on the ADAPT project. When the ADAPT project concluded in April, she applied for her current role as a Linkage Coordinator. “In this capacity, I collaborate closely with Linkage Officers to oversee the management of linkage activities. My responsibilities include coordinating the efforts of Linkage Officers, monitoring progress, evaluating performance, conducting quality control and quality assurance checks on THINK Linkage Trackers, and compiling comprehensive linkage reports on a monthly and quarterly basis for programs,” [...]

Advancing HIV Prevention and Protection

In the first part of this year, THINK broadened the scope of the Clinical Trial Unit to include a Male Medical Circumcision (MMC) program. This single intervention reduces the risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV from women to men by about 60%. Further, it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections, penile cancer in men, and cervical cancer in female partners of circumcised men. The successful rollout of the MMC program has been spearheaded by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team. Supported by a technical lead and a program manager, our clinical team – comprised of skilled medical officers, professional nurses, a [...]

SA has one of the highest TB burdens in the world. Now a researcher is eyeing AI as a new weapon

South Africa is among the top five countries with the highest burden of TB.  However, the government recently announced it would be slashing its budget for TB research grants. Now, a researcher plans to use AI to analyse TB data. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may become a key weapon in fighting South Africa's tuberculosis scourge – which sees as many as 300 000 new infections and more than 50 000 deaths per year. World Health Organisation data places South Africa among the top five countries in the world with the highest burden of TB, with more than 500 cases [...]

Health NGO plans AI training hub in South Africa

Programme will target African health sector workers looking to improve efficiency and outcomes A South African NGO plans to set up a hub in Durban where people working in public health throughout Africa can come to learn how to use AI chatbots in their work. THNK, a non-profit company founded in 2013 to help people affected by TB and HIV, says it hopes to have the hub up and running by mid-2024. The training will build on methods to use ChatGPT to improve the efficiency and outcome of health programmes developed by THINK under a Gates Foundation funded seed project. Last [...]

Improving Healthcare Access: From Mobile Clinics to TB Literacy

Allison Naidoo takes us on a short journey through our districts, bringing you news of THINK’s impact across the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. In healthcare's evolving landscape, THINK has been a beacon of hope, making impactful strides across districts. Our journey begins in the uMgungundlovu district, where we've been reshaping healthcare accessibility. September 6 was a significant day for the THINK uMgungundlovu team, who arrived at the Dambuza Community Hall with our state-of-the-art Mobile Clinic. The community benefitted from free Tuberculosis (TB) screenings, leveraging our revolutionary X-ray enhanced by AI. In partnership with our collaborators, we also offered a [...]

The Union Conference: Paris, here we come!

We chat to THINK’s Chief Science Officer, Dr Suzanne Staples, about the upcoming Union World Conference on Lung Health in Paris, and find out more about its importance – both globally and for THINK. The Union World Conference on Lung Health is an annual event organised by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union). This event has taken place every year for the last 53 years, and will be held in Paris – where The Union was founded in 1920 – from November 15 to 18. The international conference gathers professionals, experts, researchers, and advocates from various [...]

From Rural Roots to Global Impact: Meet Siyabonga Myeni

Join us in this insightful Q&A with THINK’s new Business Development Coordinator, where we delve into his vision for THINK's future and innovative strategies for securing partnerships and funding. Siya was born in a rural area called kwa-Hlomendlini (Mandeni), about 100km north of Durban, and raised by his grandmother. This is where he grew up and completed his primary and high school learning, before moving to Johannesburg to study further in 2012. Siya graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a Masters in Development Studies, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate. Q: When did you join THINK, and how did your [...]

Empowering NGOs for Impact: AI Training & Adoption

As promised in last month’s newsletter, here’s Bekani Nsibanyoni’s take on the importance of Artificial Intelligence within the NGO space. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming industries worldwide, and the NGO sector is no exception. The integration of AI into the workings of NGOs can have a profound impact on their ability to deliver services, streamline operations, and address complex societal challenges. To harness the full potential of AI, training is paramount. Let’s explore the advantages of AI training in the NGO space, and also delve into the pros and cons of AI adoption. Advantages of AI Training for NGOs Enhanced Effectiveness: [...]

The Power of Introverts in The Workplace: Kirsty’s Journey

Our Head of Finance & Operations, Kirsty Woolley, uses her own personal journey to explain why there is a big need for introverts in the workplace.  From the age of 18 I worked in a bank. It upset me to learn that my colleagues initially perceived me as cold, aloof, a snob and a non-team player. It was not much comfort when, further down the line, these same colleagues would say; “Of course, now that I know you better, I realise you’re not like that at all!” But the damage had already been done to my self-image, and I was always [...]

Meet Camilla Lund, THINK’s new Executive Co-Pilot

Our global administration offices in Copenhagen recently welcomed a dynamic, young humanitarian to the team. Let’s get to know Camilla a bit better! Growing up in Denmark, Camilla moved to France, with her family, when she was 15. Here she attended high school and got her International Baccalaureate. “In Lyon my keen interest in art grew into including street art and graffiti, and my passion for dance was a great way to meet and befriend the locals,” she says. Spending over three years in an international community as a teen was in many ways the starting point of Camilla’s life [...]

The future of a Digital Discovery Hub at THINK

Get up, close and personal with our Senior IT Officer, Bekani Samuel Nsibanyoni! Find out why he places such high importance on IT proficiency, and learn more about his vision of creating an IT Training Development Centre. Q: What can you tell us about the Digital Discovery Hub? A: Today THINK relies heavily on computerised technology to efficiently complete various amounts of tasks. As part of our mission to create a workplace that is efficient and effective from a technology point of view, I would like to embark on a journey that allows us to ensure all THINKers have access to [...]

Success Stories from THINK’s uThukela district

SUCCESS STORY 1A 20-year-old male came to Ladysmith’s Steadville clinic on March 21 this year, presenting with loss of appetite, loss of energy, loss of weight, coughing and vomiting blood. Signs and symptoms of TB was noted. Sputum for GXP taken, and the result was positive with Rifampicin Resistance – on March 24. He was referred to Ladysmith Hospital for treatment, and subsequently to Estcourt for DR-TB initiation.Tracing by the Department of Health was done, and seven contacts identified – all tested on March 28, no under 5s included. The THINK team then got an invite from the DoH to come [...]

Go, THINK uMkhanyakude!

The team at our uMkhanyakude district office has received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Provincial Office for reaching the target TB success rate.A celebration at the Provincial TB Workshop recently took place, where uMkhanyakude was recognised for doing an excellent job in managing cases of both Drug-Sensitive (DS) and Drug-Resistant (DR) TB.For the last three years, uMkhanyakude has shown great dedication to taking care of TB patients. They achieved a success rate of 88% - 89% in treating DS TB, which shows that this fabulous THINK team provide high-quality care to people with TB. uMkhanyakude also managed to meet and maintain [...]

Empowering Communities and Advancing Healthcare

The uMgungundlovu district, a vital hub serving 10% of the provincial population, is a diverse district where challenges overpower opportunities – as the district addresses socio-economic issues like informal settlements and the existing vulnerable key population demographic. With seven municipalities under its umbrella – uMshwathi, Umgeni, Mpofana, Impendle, Msunduzi, UMkhambathini, and Richmond – the district strives to collate a collective response to healthcare needs. There are currently 28 facilities in the district receiving support from THINK's DSD and roving teams; 10 facilities receive direct support from our DSD staff, while 18 benefit from technical assistance via roving teams. Our commitment [...]

Greetings from THINK International

We're thrilled to bring you the latest happenings at our new home in Copenhagen! We're now sharing an open office space with our partners at Dalberg Media. A leading social impact advisory group that brings together strategy consulting, design thinking, big data analytics, research, and implementation to address complex social and environmental challenges, Dalberg is a dynamic organisation you should definitely get to know. In our lively co-working environment, we're surrounded by about 30 brilliant minds, mainly from Dalberg. But that's not all! We're also sharing the space with Nordic Safe Cities, an NGO committed to fostering inclusive and safe urban [...]

Trevor’s Take on THINK Culture

We all know and love the wonderful THINK culture – a vital part of every THINKers well-being and motivation to make a difference daily. Although most of us have individual takes on how we define this unique culture, at the end of the day it all boils down to aligning with our core values. Let’s hear what our inspiring leader, Trevor Mvundura, has to say in this fun Q&A session! Q: What defines the THINK culture? A: When asked about THINK's culture, I’d say it's anchored in our core values. Our team's passion for the work we do is palpable. [...]

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